Interconnectivity in the age of digitalization.

Hamburg, Germany
June 2020





Introducing digital transformation experts to the virtual world.





IAAK is a congregation of researchers & industry experts who bring together over 100 years of collective experience in the field of business, academic research & practical training spread across multiple verticals to create practical and applicable framework for digital transformation. IAAK needed to introduce themselves to the world in a way that accurately depicted their services and expertise while establishing a distinct brand personality.


Even though IAAK had a well developed visual identity, translating static imagery to a dynamic virtual experience needed to complement their area of expertise and be relatable to their target audience which featured individuals/businesses already on the digital transformation train and those trying to get on-board.


We designed and developed a simple and clean user interface for an optimal browsing experience for users. Clear categorization of information for all target groups based on their objectives and relevance was a must and this was achieved using a thoroughly designed CMS. This was made user-friendly for IAAK members to contribute further content in the future. We created optimised content for all pages to ensure a strong search engine presence.

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