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ok, so your website is the first point of contact. it is the centre of your digital eco-system. what do we do with that?

ok, so your website is the first point of contact. it is the centre of your digital eco-system. what do we do with that?

Social media is the most promising way your brand can engage with users. The challenge lies in the agility.

Shop Setup


eCommerce has always been a way for a higher reach to users worldwide. It makes easy to purchase products and services online. Previously, a lot of companies thought of electronic commerce as an option. But it has become an absolute essential aspect for survival of your business, in fierce competition of these days.


Connect With Your Target

Your custom range is not limited by how many people you can have in a store at once or your local regulations. It is through a direct line of communication with your audience, online.

Grow Your Sales

Needless to say, you sell more when you are more exposed. eCommerce gives you just that opportunity. With or without shipping methods, an online store is a new 'in' to an otherwise far target group to your business.

Gather Data & Optimize Your Workflow

The power of customer analytics can help you refine everything from the products you offer to the marketing strategy you use for those products.

Though it may seem like you are adding more work to your plate, you are, in actuality, minimising the long-term efforts of syncing your product updates, cash register, shipping methods, inventory tracking and more. With time, you build one holistic system.


Not only does your site have to look good and feel on-brand, but it also needs to drive your website visitors to take action and complete the checkout. To ensure that happens, we take several things into consideration when designing the journey - from landing page to product discovery and everything in between.



A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it's worth purchasing. They are essential for any successful online business to thrive against competitors and secure the checkout journey from finding your shop to checking out with products in the basket. The more detailed the descriptions are, the more likely the customer is to check out.


Enhance Online Visibility

Product descriptions are SEO's best friend. This is an opportunity to generate relevant, catchy, up-sell worthy content for your website as a whole. The search engines rely on the use of keywords while optimising the websites. Again, the keywords need to be relevant to the domain, which helps in boosting the ranking of the website.

Influence The Buying Decision

A good product description is the difference between a checkout and an abandoned cart. Without a good description, no matter how attracted a 'new' user may be to it, they will unlikely invest in something that is not well explained. Your competition could have it elsewhere, very well explained. Studies show that price comes secondary in this case.

Spread Across Platforms

Think of it as a product you bought from the store, loved and shared with your friends to encourage them to buy it as well.... Except it is a process that happens exponentially faster than any offline sale. The more descriptive the content is, the prouder the buyer is to share and the easier you make it for him to sell. It is important to remember that with eCommerce, all your buyers are potential brand ambassadors. The more content you give them, the faster you make it for them to share it.


To generate the perfect descriptions, we start with defining the buyer persona that would best target the audience. This could be geographic location, gender, age, interests, education level, income level, etc. Most importantly, we focus on creating content in the language of our persona: German, English or Arabic. We then use the features and benefits to motivate the purchase. We do this by listing the features that will likely appeal to our target. The brand's tone of voice is a crucial criteria that is always present in any descriptions. Although they are buying a product, they are, essentially, investing in your brand - and we make sure they are reminded of that. The images used for all products are as important as the description itself, and it is our job to ensure the cohesiveness of the images throughout all your products (uploaded at optimal quality and resolution).

Product Visuals


We can not stress on the quality of product visuals enough. These are the first looks of your product and brand that potential buyers will first see. To make your product stand out, those visuals need to pop. Based on the medium and channels, your product visuals have a large impact on the purchase decision.


Seeing Is Believing

Humans are sensual creatures. We rely on visual, audial and tactile evidence to act and react. Consumers are more likely to believe in your brand credibility if your visuals are as appealing as your product descriptions.

We Respond 600,000 Times Faster To Imagery Than Text

Leveraging different platforms and their user interfaces to gain maximum visibility for your product listing is the key to winning the visual aesthetic game.

Meeting Expectations V/S ‘Wow’ing Your Customers

Consumer expectations are only rising per day. Meeting them is not enough. Going beyond what they expect and delighting them is the need of the hour. Captivating visuals is the way to address this need.


The images used for all products are as important as the description itself, and it is our job to ensure the cohesiveness of the images throughout all your products (uploaded at optimal quality and resolution).

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