An inevitable affair.

Hamburg, Germany
July 2021





Creating a distinct e-commerce experience to help this legacy salon establish roots in the digital space.


Balancing the relevance of shared content between existing and new users.


Help this legacy salon establish roots in the digital space.


Significant increase in social and website visitors - reflected in physical visitors.


The global pandemic brought with it several challenges for brands in creating tangible experiences for their customers. Even more so for brands that rely on physical services and products. With a strong history of over 4 decades in the hair care and style space in Hamburg, Hairfantastic faced an interesting challenge to translate their expertise and offering online. 


We decided to create a whole new website for them with the added functionality of an e-store. The pre-existing website was accessible and functional but wasn’t living up to the potential of the brand and all that it had to offer. With the new website, we wanted to integrate as many moving components internally for a more seamless and cohesive experience. This included the website UI and content in itself, the appointment booking process and the launch of a brand new e-store.


Information at your fingertips

Communicating the brand’s credibility in a way that could resonate with both their loyal and reach a wider target group, we designed the user flow to offer more reasons for a user to spend time on the site. All the information about the salon, their services and stylists was made clear, concise and accessible in a design language that translated the simplicity and elegance of the brand. The content was optimised to achieve higher visibility on the SEO front to ensure the website received more visibility via search.

Seamless access to services

Booking a salon appointment is more an emotional journey than it is functional. With an integrated appointment booking configuration, we were able to offer more convenience to the customer to acquire a service from the salon and contain more elements of the customers’ journey in-house and reduce the chances of a customer potentially backing out. We then went ahead and developed a blog for the stylists to share tips, advice and their experiences in hair care to contribute more value and trust to further convince the customer.

Enhanced digital retail

The e-commerce store was intended to create a digital retail shelf for all the in-salon products by Kérastase & Glynt. With a dedicated shop, customers could now interact with Hairfantastic at a moment’s notice without having to wait for a physical appointment to buy these products. The e-store was designed in a multi-fold approach:

  1. Customers could visit the site purely to purchase the products.
  2. When customers booked service appointments, relevant and respective products were suggested based on the type of service they were acquiring.
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