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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 2020





Developing a thorough digital experience for legal counsel seekers.





Motei & Associates, a Dubai-based international law firm was seeking a revamped website and a brand new visual identity. Being an industry veteran, the challenge was to showcase their years of competence and know-how in an exclusive visual aesthetic that could resonate with the rational and functional sensibilities of their target group.


Our approach towards developing M&A’s digital branding arose out of paradoxes. We knew that our decades worth of experience needed to be packaged in a modern and up-to-date context; however, this required us to strike an effective balance between designing something classic yet contemporary with providing detailed technical information alongside clean user interface design. To summarise, we needed to:

  1. Re-design the visual identity
  2. Complete overhaul in code and presentation of the website


A Re-designed Logo

The logo was designed using our paradox approach. We retained the shield to reflect the security and trust from the brand values and integrated it to be used as a stand-alone monogram and picture mark as required. The typography was developed in a crisp and classic fashion while maintaining the elegance and formal tone and style. The result was a strong visual identity that nailed the point of differentiation from competition.

Digitalising legal counsel

We built a single, incredibly robust website that elegantly supported and displayed the wide range of categorical services offered by M&A. Through a well-thought out UI, we were able to direct users to relevant points of contact, and showcase not only industry expertise, but also M&A’s dedication to their customers and employees. The content both textually and visually was optimised to address user concerns from a search engine stand-point.

E-Lawyer, at your service

We introduced the users to e-lawyer, a platform to easily book and receive legal counsel from the comfort of their homes and offices. The idea was to simplify the process of accessing legal assistance by drastically increasing the speed and immediacy of reaching out to a lawyer specialising in the user’s field of requirement.

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