The message is R1.

Beirut, Lebanon
December 2020





Built to thrill - a social community of Yamaha R1 enthusiasts.





Created as a fan page out of a pure interest for Yamaha R1 bikes, WeR1 quickly transformed into a living community space that continuously engages and grows with its followers - all in the mutually shared love for Yamaha R1s. The challenge for WeR1 was to engage with this community with consistency while developing a strong brand image that users would instantly recognise and trust.


The opportunity was unique with WeR1. Usually, the aim for new brands is to develop communication to attract new followers and enhance engagement. With WeR1’s page, there was already a strong and thriving community ready to engage with meaningful content. Our approach was to further strengthen the community and build stronger bonds with all followers. We also saw opportunities to play with other content formats such as reels and stories.


R1 at the heart & soul

To establish WeR1 as a brand, we went back to basics and carved out their brand identity and personality. The logo had to be strongly resonant to the R1 bike while still capturing the young, adventurous and aspirational essence of the WeR1 brand. The result was an attractive and curiosity-inciting logo akin to the iconic bike headlights. We introduced other branding elements into their story highlight covers and hashtags and explored new content formats like Reels and IGTV which were well received by the audience. This helped bring in more branded consistency into the page.

An inclusive community

From being an enthusiast page that regularly posted pictures of R1s with exciting captions, we moved into an interactive space by engaging with the followers on several touchpoints. We started reaching out to users 1 on 1 to share their R1 stories and crowdsourced content from their profiles while tagging them. This made followers feel recognised and more valued for their love of Yamaha R1s. It strengthened their association to the digital community and enhanced engagement on future posts.

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