Skin Stories

The perfect paradox.

Hamburg, Germany
February 2021





Designing a limited edition gift set for this edgy tattoo care brand.





Skin Stories was partnering with Vacou, a well-known tattoo studio based out of Osnabrück for a limited edition gift set combining their Daily Lotion and Rapid Repair Balm. The challenge was to design an attractive, eye-catching limited edition product package that captured maximum visibility on shelf and communicated the collaboration to their target audience.


The right packaging goes a very long way to catching a consumer’s eye and asking them to come along for the journey with your brand. We saw a distinct opportunity in designing a package that represented the collaboration while retaining their individual brand identities.


An out-of-the-box approach resulted in a bold and premium limited edition gift set package with a distinct aesthetic and easily readable information. The black and white elements in the design was inspired by VACUO’s visual identity and the elemental black ink used in tattoo art. With a minimal line based motif, the design appealed to several categories within the target audience and could be gifted for a variety of occasions.

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